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Booking Information

Terms and Conditions 

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Property Information

Terms and Conditions from 8th September 2023


By making any Booking with us, you confirm that you accept these terms and conditions and agree to comply with and be bound by them.  

These booking terms and conditions include a number of defined terms as follows:  

Booking: a legally binding reservation for use of the Property, with a specified start and end date.  

Contract of Hire: the legally binding contract between the Hirer and the Owner for the provision of the Property for the purposes of the Booking and related services.  

Guest Price: the total price payable (which includes VAT, if applicable) by the Hirer for a Booking, comprising the property rental plus a booking fee and any additional charges that may apply to that Booking (e.g. in relation to pets).  

Hirer: the person (“You”) making the Booking under these terms and conditions and by doing so entering into the Contract of Hire with the Owner.  

Owner: the owner of the Property which is the subject of the Contract of Hire.  

Property: the holiday accommodation made available (subject to these terms and conditions) to the Hirer for use for the purposes of the Booking.  

Force Majeure Event: means (i) any event or circumstance not within a party’s reasonable control including, without limitation, acts of God, flood, drought, earthquake or other natural disaster; epidemic or pandemic (if so categorized by a national or international health organisation), terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, war, threat of or preparation for war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, or breaking off of diplomatic relations, nuclear, chemical or biological contamination or sonic boom, any law or any legally enforceable action taken by a government or public authority, which affects (directly or indirectly) the ability of the relevant party to perform a contractual obligation, collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident, or any labour or trade dispute, strikes, industrial action or lockouts and (ii) any binding legislation or law passed by the UK government or a UK public authority as a consequence of any of the events listed in (i).  

1. Contract of hire 

Contract of Hire is between the Hirer and the Owner of the property for which the Booking is made and shall be deemed to be made subject to these terms and conditions.   

The Booking is subject to these terms and conditions, which are governed by English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. The Contract of Hire is effective only from the date and time that owner dispatch to the Hirer a written “Confirmation of Booking.” The Confirmation of Booking will show your booking details, the amount you have paid and the amount you still owe for the booking. As soon as you receive your Confirmation of Booking, you must check the details carefully. If anything is not correct, you should tell the owner immediately. The Owner, acting reasonably, reserves the right to amend arrival (‘check in’) and departure (‘check out’) times so as to ensure the Property is ready for occupation, for example in response to a Force Majeure Event. So long as the Owner is acting reasonably, the Hirer will not be entitled to a refund in relation to a change in arrival or departure times.  

For the avoidance of doubt, if the Hirer pays the deposit and/or full balance into its bank account, it will not mean the Owner has accepted a booking unless the Owner has issued a written Confirmation of Booking. Please do not make any other travel arrangements until we the Owner has issued you with a written Confirmation of Booking. If you book with us online, we will acknowledge that we have received your booking and then send a separate written Confirmation of Booking by e-mail to the e-mail address you have provided. If you book by post or phone, we will send your written Confirmation of Booking to you by post unless you tell us at the time of booking that you would prefer it to be provided by e-mail. It is your responsibility to check your e-mails regularly and to let us know about any change to your e-mail address.  

The contract is for the hire of the Property for holiday purposes only. Please note – everyone occupying the Property (staying overnight) must be listed on the booking form, including children. The maximum holiday period for any booking is 14 consecutive days, subject to availability. The Owner does not accept Bookings from Hirers under 18 years of age and the Owner reserves the right to cancel a Booking made by anyone who is (or who the Owner reasonably believes to be) under 18 at the time the Booking was made.  

2. Initial Payment 

Bookings will be reserved upon receipt by the Owner of the required deposit payment in cleared funds of one third of the total Guest Price. Please note the reservation deposit is non-refundable. If the Booking is made less than nine weeks before the holiday commencement date, the full Guest Price will be required to be paid at the time the Booking is made. Deposits can be paid by debit card or credit card, or BACS transfer online through our secure payment system.  

3. Balance of Payment 

The balance of the Guest Price will be due for payment nine weeks before the holiday commencement date. On receipt of the full balance payment in cleared funds, advice on key collection arrangements and directions to the Property will be sent to the Hirer. The Owner reserves the right to cancel a Booking where full payment has not been received within 7 days after the due date. The deposit paid on the Booking is always non-returnable (subject to clause 16).  

4. Method of Payment 

We accept Debit or Credit Card payments; we do not accept cheques.  

5. VAT 

Where VAT applies to the Property rental, it is included in the quoted price at the prevailing rate. Confirmation of Booking is not a VAT invoice. All charges and VAT inclusive rentals are subject to change if the rate changes.  

6. Confirmation of Booking 

Once the Owner has issued a written Confirmation of Booking, the Hirer is responsible for the total Guest Price as well as any extras as shown on the Confirmation of Booking. Amendments to bookings, where applicable and accepted by the Owner, will be subject to an administration fee of £50 for each amendment. The Owner reserves the right to adjust prices quoted on its website or on details to properties, due to errors or omissions or changes in the VAT rate.  

7. Booking Cancellation 

If you wish to cancel your Booking you must inform the Owner as soon as possible in writing (including by e-mail). The day the Owner receives your notice to cancel is the date on which the Owner will cancel your Booking.  

If the Owner is able to re-let all or part of the period booked, the Owner will, at its sole discretion, consider a refund, less any shortfall in cost of the re-let booking, and less a handling charge of £90.  

Please note that if you cancel your Booking you will remain liable for full payment, subject to your rights pursuant to clause 16.  

We recommend and strongly advise that you take out comprehensive travel insurance to include cover relating to COVID. If you choose not to then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to your cancellation.  

8. Pets 

Bookings that include pets are taken on the condition that all flea and worming treatments are up to date the Owner reserves the right to ask for written evidence of such treatment. You are not permitted to leave pets unattended at the property at any time. The Owners require pets remain on the ground and lower ground floors and off furniture at all times. You, as pet owner, will be responsible for removing any evidence left by your pet and reimbursing the Owner for any damage caused. Please show consideration for guests visiting after you have gone home and bear in mind that some popular beaches do not permit dogs during the summer months. We do not charge extra for pets.  

Guests With Allergies Relating to Pets:  

Please note that we accept Pets and they may have stayed in your chosen property recently and the Owner may have a dog or cat that sometimes stays at the property. The Owner cannot accept responsibility or liability for any suffering, damages or losses which may occur as a result of such animals having been present. The Owner cannot guarantee and make no warranty that the property will be free from pet hair.  

9. Amenities 

The use of accommodation and amenities, where offered, such as SUP’s, hot tubs, rowing boats, BBQ’s etc, is entirely at the Hirer’s risk and the Owner excludes all responsibility or liability for injury, or loss or damage to Hirer’ or visitors’ belongings.  

Further, the Owner will not be liable to you, any member of your party or person visiting the Property during the period of your hire of it for any events outside the Owner’s reasonable control, such as the breakdown of domestic appliances, plumbing, wiring, temporary invasion of pests, building works at adjacent properties, damage resulting from exceptional weather conditions or other unforeseeable circumstances or any Force Majeure Events. You also accept that the owner will not be liable for any negligence resulting in loss, injury or accident.  

Further, the Owner will not be liable to you for the withdrawal/removal of any facilities/amenities from/in the Property resulting from a Force Majeure Event.  

Where Wi-Fi is an advertised facility, please note that its provision is subject to availability and network conditions. It may not be available 24 hours a day and is provided for pleasure not for business purposes.  

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common and we want to ensure they can be catered for wherever possible. Not all properties will have a suitable and safe place to charge vehicles, so it is recommended you check prior to finalising your Booking if this is an essential requirement. If you are keeping an electric vehicle at the property, you must use designated charging points (where available) only and manufacturer approved cables for charging any vehicle when at the property. The Owner reserves the right to (i) charge additional fees if charging is, in the Owner’s opinion, excessive and/or (ii) refuse to allow electric vehicles to be charged if they do not think it is suitable/safe to do so.  

Any damage to the electric system at the property through incorrect use, overload of the system or the use of a standard extension cable will be the responsibility of the Hirer. Should damage occur the costs of repair are the responsibility of the Hirer.  

10. Party Numbers/Composition 

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that no more than the maximum numbers of persons, as stated on the website, occupy a Property during your Booking. The Owner reserves the right to refuse admittance or to require you to ensure that some people leave the Property if they believe that you are in breach of this obligation. No refunds will be given if admittance has been refused for this reason. Further, where properties specify a minimum age limit for guests, in no circumstances may any persons under the specified age limit, as stated on the website, stay at that Property. The Owner reserve the right to refuse admittance or to require proof of someone’s age if either believe that this restriction has been breached. No refunds will be given if admittance has been refused for this reason.  

By completing a Booking, the Hirer certifies that they are authorised to agree to these Booking Conditions on behalf of all members of the party, including any changes. The Hirer must be over 18 years at the time a Booking is made and be a member of the party occupying the Property. The Hirer agrees to take responsibility for the acts and omissions of all members of the party in relation to the Booking and the Property. The Owner reserves the right to refuse or revoke any bookings from parties that may in their opinion (and at their sole discretion) be unsuitable for the Property concerned.  

11. Your Responsibilities 

For the duration of your stay at the Property, you will be responsible for the Property and will be expected to take all reasonable care of it. The Property and all equipment and utensils must be left clean and tidy at the end of the hire period. If the Property is not left clean and tidy, any additional cleaning costs will be charged to the Hirer. Should there be any specific health or mobility difficulties which may affect a party member; this must be pointed out at the initial reservation stage so that the suitability of the Property can be assessed. The Property (including any car parking spaces) must be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure. Late departures will be charged at £15 for very 15 minutes late.

Children must be supervised by responsible adults at all times.  

Code of Conduct  
The Property is located in a residential area. We ask that nothing interferes with the enjoyment of your neighbours. Please do not do anything that is likely to inconvenience your neighbours especially during the hours of 10:30pm, and 7:30am.  

In the event that any member of your party behaves in a way that is likely to cause distress, danger or annoyance to any other holidaymakers or residents the Owners reserve the right to terminate your contract immediately and forthwith with a requirement to vacate the property immediately. The Owners will not be liable for any costs you will incur, nor shall we pay any compensation, nor make any refunds due to this action  

12.Utilities Surcharge

With the recent and pending increases in the costs of utility bills we would ask all guests to be thoughtful around the use of heating, gas and electricity. A standard cost per day is included within your booking, any costs beyond this will be chargeable and deducted from the damage deposit within 7 days of departure

13. Damage 

All damages and breakages are the legal responsibility of the Hirer and should be reported immediately and before the end of the holiday. The reasonable costs of miscellaneous repairs to and/or replacement of and/or additional cleaning of furnishings, kitchen equipment, crockery, glass, keys, bedding and towels damaged or soiled otherwise than by usual wear and tear during the period of the Booking by you or other members of your party shall be payable on demand to the Owner who may also, at their discretion, refuse further bookings. The Owner has the right to enter the Property (without prior notice if this is not practical or possible) if special circumstances or emergencies arise (for example if repairs need to be carried out). The Owner reserves the right to repossess the Property at any time where you or any member of your party has caused damage, and in such circumstances the Owner shall not be liable to make a refund of any remaining portion of the Guest Price. If any damage causes the Owner to cancel subsequent bookings, the full deposit will be retained and any extra costs or losses will be passed on to the person who’s name the booking was made under.  

14. Accidental Damage Deposit 

It is a requirement when booking to pay an Accidental Damage Deposit.  

The Accidental Damage Deposit is due with the balance of the Guest Price This will be taken as a pre-authorisation on a credit card or it will be cashed on receipt and held by the Owner to be applied against the reasonable costs of miscellaneous repairs to and/or replacement of and/or additional cleaning of furnishings, kitchen equipment, crockery, glass, keys, bedding and towels damaged or soiled otherwise than by usual wear and tear during the period of the Booking by you or other members of your party. The balance of the Accidental Damage Deposit will be returned to you within 7 working days of the departure date. Where such costs exceed the Accidental Damage Deposit you agree to pay such excess to the Owner promptly and in any event within 14 days of being notified.  

Specific to “Little Fimbarr’s Reach” where the upper floor 2 is closed to guests, in the event that this floor has been occupied or the facilities used whilst it is closed, the costs for any additional cleaning and linen and/or towels, repairs or replacement as stated above will be deducted from the accidental damage deposit.

15. Fire safety 

For the safety and comfort of our guests smoking is not permitted inside the Property or on the wooden decking outside the Property at any time. Non-compliance will result in a forfeit of the security deposit and guests could be asked to leave without refund. The use of candles in the Property is not permitted. We ask that when inside the Property, guests leave the key in the front door to ensure a fast and safe exit from the house should a fire start or the alarms sound.

16. Availability and Force Majeure  

The Contract of Hire is made on the understanding that the Property will be available for the dates stated. In the unlikely event that a Property is not available during the period of the Booking as a result of a Force Majeure Event or if the Hirer cannot legally travel to the Property as a result of a Force Majeure Event, then either (i) the Owner may be forced to cancel the Booking and you will be advised as early as possible or (ii) you must write to the Owner as soon as possible to inform them as to the Force Majeure Event and its effects on your ability to legally travel to the Property.  

In the event of such a cancellation, or in the unlikely event that the Owner is forced to cancel the Booking due to circumstances or events outside their reasonable control, the Hirer will have the choice of the following options:  

· to transfer the Booking once to a later date and free of any administration charges, subject to availability - the Hirer will have to pay any difference in price if the cost of the new booking is higher or be reimbursed the difference if the cost of the new booking is lower;  

· to request a voucher with a redemption value equal to the amount previously paid for the Booking - the voucher terms and conditions will be available to the Hirer before they make their choice under this clause; or  

· to obtain a refund of up to 50% of the amount already paid for the Booking (after deducting any administrative charges that apply to a Booking, such as the booking fee/handling charge).  

The Hirer will have to contact the Owner in order to access these options.  

The Hirer will not as a result have any further claims against the Owner.  

17. Marketing Materials 

The Owner takes every care to ensure the accuracy of the Property descriptions. All information brochures or other marketing material and on the Owner’s, website is given in good faith and is believed to be correct at the time of going to press, but the Owner cannot be held responsible for changes beyond their control, which may become known after publication of this literature. In addition, whilst properties may be described as non-smoking or no pets, this cannot be and is not guaranteed. Please be aware that if a Property is advertised as having an enclosed garden, this does not necessarily mean a secure garden. It may be enclosed by hedging or open style fencing. The Owner’s description of a property shows what amenities that property has but generally does not state what is not in the self-catering property.  

18. Properties with Character 

If you choose to holiday in an older property, remember that much of its character and charm is due to its age. Some of our properties are well over 100 years old and were built long before the days of damp proof courses and cavity walls so some may show signs of damp, particularly in long spells of wet weather. The Owner will do their best to ensure that the background heating is kept on sufficiently to compensate, even when the Property is empty. Condensation can be alleviated by opening windows and allowing the air to circulate. If you have any concerns, please talk to us at the time of making your Booking. Also, please remember that should traditional property features (steep stairs or low beams, for example) be a problem for any member of your party, you must consider and mention this prior to booking.  

Please remember that properties in the country do attract spiders and therefore cobwebs. It does not mean that the Property is dirty or has not been cleaned as cobwebs can be spun almost as quickly as they have been cleaned away! Some of our properties, particularly in remote areas, may have a private water supply from a spring or well water, which is regularly tested. In rural areas please be tolerant of the sounds and scents that you may encounter, they are all a part of the countryside experience!  

19. Complaint Procedure 

We aim to provide a high level of customer service and want all of our guests to be completely happy with their holiday. In the unlikely event that you have any issues with your accommodation, please get in touch with us as soon as possible during your stay so that we can do our best to put it right.  

If the Hirer wishes to make a complaint about anything connected with the hire of the Property, they should contact the Owner as soon as reasonably possible prior to departure. In the event the Hirer does not have phone reception at the location where they are staying, the Hirer must make reasonable efforts to make a call from a nearby public telephone, send us an e-mail. The Owner will then deal with or it may consider the complaint and take action to resolve it as soon as reasonably practicable.  

Compensation will not be considered for any complaints that are made after the hire has ended, or where the Hirer has denied the Owner the opportunity to investigate, address or remedy the issue during the Hirer’s stay.  

The Owner cannot accept responsibility or liability for work taking place outside the boundary of the Property, or for noise or nuisance resulting from third party activity over which the Owner has no control.  

20. Data Protection 

The Owner will process your data in accordance with its Privacy Policy which can be found below/or on our website and its Cookie Policy which can be found below/or on our website via the link at the bottom of the page. These policies form part of these terms and conditions so please take the time to read them.  

The Privacy Policy also details your rights and how to contact the Owner in relation to any data protection queries.  

The Privacy Policy also details your rights and how to contact the Owner in relation to any data protection queries.  

At all times your data will be held securely and protected in line with the Owner’s obligations under UK data protection legislation. Your party names and contact details will only to be shared with the Owner in order to allow the Owner to meet these obligations and manage your holiday and give you the best possible experience.  
The Owner will securely hold that information on your behalf as part of your booking record unless you ask us to delete it. Any such information is provided at your sole request and discretion, and the Owner bears no responsibility for its accuracy or contents. 

21. Our Liability 

Other than in relation to any liability which it is not possible to exclude at law, the Owner’s liability for any claims arising out of or in relation to the Contract of Hire is limited to the amounts paid by the Hirer pursuant to the Contract of Hire.  

22. Legal

Each of the paragraphs in these terms and conditions operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.  

In the event of any dispute between parties it shall be referred to the jurisdiction of the English courts only and any actions shall be heard in the court for the area in which the property is situated.  

These terms and conditions are subject to and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and all parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. If any provision hereof is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable under any present or future laws, such provision shall be fully severable and the terms and conditions herein shall be construed and enforced as if such illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision had never been made a part hereof. The remaining provisions herein shall remain in full force and effect and shall not be affected by such illegal, invalid or unenforceable provisions or by their severance here from.  

These Booking Conditions supersede any previous issues.  


Property Features UPDATED 8th September 2023

Please note that the upper bedroom floor 2 will be closed for Little Fimbarr's Reach bookings only.


Beds & bedrooms

  • Bed linen provided 
Floor 1
  • 1 super king bed (or 2 singles)
  • 1 king bed
Floor 2
  • 1 King bed
  • 1 double bed 
  • Feather and synthetic bedding options 


  • 3 WC (in total) 
  • Towels provided for use in the house (not beach towels) 

· 2 Showers  

· Please note we do not have a bath at this property 

Walking distance to....

  • Beach 200m 
  • Pub 100m 
  • Shop 200m 

Nearby activities

  • Walking 
  • Water sports 
  • Fishing 
  • Cycling 
  • Eden Project 

Dog Friendly

  • Dog bowls 
  • Poop bags 


  • Range Oven with induction hob  
  • Dishwasher  
  • Microwave  
  • Fridge/Freezer  
  • Washing machine  
  • Tumble dryer 
  • Iron and ironing board 


  • Family friendly
  • Stairgate 


  • Enclosed Decked garden 
  • Egg BBQ - Charcoal 

Special Features

  • WiFi – Superfast Fibre Broadband 
  • Laptop friendly workspace 
  • Smart TV’s with Internet Access 
  • Welcome pack 
  • Log Burner 
  • River Views 

Health and Safety

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector 
  • Fire Blanket 
  • Fire Extinguisher 
  • First Aid Kit 
  • Smoke Detector 

Important - Please Note 

· Check in: 4:00pm 

· Check out: 10:00am 

· No smoking (including e-cigarettes)  

· No parties/events/stag/hen 

· No EV charging – nearest point found in Fowey Car Parks or via

· Video doorbell in situ by the front door, covering main entrance and steps to the street.


This pretty house is situated in the heart of Fowey with the local shops and restaurants a short stroll away. The harbourside below, is a lovely spot to sit and watch the continual activity on the water.  You will see many visiting yachts, small craft, sometimes a cruise ship and the occasional military vessel passing by. Fowey is positioned on the South West Coast Path as well as the Saint’s Way so is an ideal location for both keen and amateur walkers. The town is a haven for water-sports and the sandy beach at Readymoney Cove lies in a sheltered spot overlooking Polruan at the mouth of the Fowey Estuary with the remains of the 16th century St Catherine’s Castle standing on the headland above. 

The house is well-laid out with a spacious, lower ground floor kitchen/pantry and dining room with a separate utility area and WC. On the ground floor is a generous living room and hall leading to the first floor with two bedrooms and bathroom and a further two bedrooms on the second floor. There’s an appealing decked courtyard at the rear which catches the sun through the day and a great place to sit out and read a book. Fimbarr’s Reach is perfect for either a small group or families.  


Kitchen/Dining Room: Range cooker with induction hob, fridge freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer in utility area. Kitchen island seats 4+ people, Dining table seats 8 people 

WC: Toilet and small hand basin 

Living Room: Smart TV with Freesat, Bluetooth speaker, radio, log burning stove, study area and drinks trolley. 

Bedroom 1: King size bed (5'), bedside chests of drawers, dressing table and chair, mirror 
Bedroom 2: Super King size bed (6’) (or option to split into 2 single beds), bedside unit, chest of drawers, wardrobe, mirror 
Shower room: Separate shower, vanity basin, w.c. heated towel rail 


Bedroom 3: Double bed (4'6), bedside chests of drawers, bedside units, study desk, chair, hanging rail, mirrors 
Bedroom 4: King bed (5’) bedside units, chest of drawers, chair, hanging rail, mirror 
Shower room: Separate shower, vanity basin, w.c. heated towel rail – Please note, this room has a low beam/restricted head height 


Small decked courtyard to the rear with bistro set, charcoal BBQ (limited rear access). Public parking available, a 3-minute hill walk away in main car park with unloading possible outside the property. 


 Gas and electricity included; gas central heating, heated towel rail in bathrooms 


Bed linen provided, towels provided. Please bring your own beach towels. 

Shop: 200m Pub: 100m Beach: 200m 
Pets: Up to 2 dogs 

Property Information

What will be provided? 

There will be some basics; tea, coffee, sugar, condiments, alcohol, toilet roll for each WC, washing up liquid, dustbin bags, cleaning materials. Sometimes just enough to get you started, sometimes enough to last the week, please replace anything that runs out ready for the next guests. See also the kitchen inventory below: 

• Set of saucepans and wok 
• Frying pans, large and small 
• Oven trays (roasting, baking) 2 of each 
• Set of sharp kitchen knives (bread, carving, vegetable, chopping), carving fork and dish 
• Set of kitchen utensils (slotted spoon, ladle, masher, slice, serving spoons, wooden spoons or equivalent, potato peeler) 
• Coffee maker (cafetiére, electric, etc) 
• Crockery (dinner plates, side plates, bowls, mugs, egg cups, cups and saucers) 
• Colander 
• Chopping boards – large and small 
• Cutlery (knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons, serving spoons) 
• Glassware (wine glasses, tumblers large and small, flutes) 
• Place mats or table cloth 
• Fire blanket 
• Grater 
• Ice tray 
• Jugs (water, measuring, milk) 
• Kettle 
• Kitchen scissors 
• Corkscrew and bottle opener 
• Mixing bowls (large and small) 
• Oven dishes (casserole, oven to table), pie dishes 
• Oven gloves 
• Storage containers – mixed sizes (min 3) 
• Teapot 
• Tea towels (minimum 2), hand towel 
• Tray 
• Tin opener 
• Toaster  
• Refuse bin with lid 
• Whisk 


Fimbarr’s Reach is a town house spread over 4 floors and is situated in Fowey which is banked on the sides of the river Fowey which may mean this is not a suitable destination for everyone.


If you have allergies to pet hair, feathers, etc. do not assume that a property which does not take pets will never have had a pet (an assistance dog for instance), nor that the bedding provided will be synthetic. It is always best to check with us first. 

Baby equipment is not provided 

Changeover days 

The normal changeover day is Saturday but other days may be possible, please ask if you require alternative days.

Changeover times 

Changeover times are between 10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. (in other words you can occupy from 4.00 p.m. ‘in' on the day of arrival and must leave by 10.00 a.m. ‘out' on the day of departure) This enables the housekeeper to make sure that the property is completely ready for you so please do not attempt to gain access earlier than these times. 


Once you have paid the balance payment for your holiday, we will send you directions for key collection and how to get to the property. We also try to include some useful local information. It is important to bring these directions with you because the instructions are very detailed, and it is sometimes hopeless to try and find your property without them. Don't rely on your SatNav in Cornwall! Sometimes whole villages have just one post code.

Video Doorbell

There is a video doorbell next to the front door, covering the main entrance and steps down to the street. Please refer to our Privacy and Data Policy for more information on how we collect, store and use any personal data.

Side Access 

Side access is restricted so please use only in exceptional cases and please do not store items there. 

Rubbish Collection 

Bins are emptied early on Monday morning so please have your rubbish out the night before. Seagulls are renowned for raiding bins so please put everything in the bins provided and ensure the lid is securely on! 


Due to the relaxation in covid policy our cleaners no longer require you to strip the bedding before you leave. If you wish to do so, please leave the used bedding in its own bedroom on the bed and any towels/bath mats in the bathroom

Feel free to use the washing machine and tumble dryer which is located in the Laundry area under the stairs in the kitchen/dining room

Food Shopping – in order of distance 


Walking distance: Kittows Butchers/Deli, Mace convenience store, Shipmates off license, 3 x Bakers, 

St Blazey: 3 miles, Large Co-op  

Par, 3 miles, Small Co-op  

St Austell, 5 miles Asda, Tesco  

Bodmin, 8 miles Lidl, Asda  

Truro, 23 miles, Waitrose  

Electricity and fuel 

These are included in the rent (see Utilities Surcharge 12. In Terms and Conditions). Logs are not usually included for woodburning stoves.  

The consumer board is located in the pantry cupboard next to the side door on the lower ground floor 

Internet access 

Our property includes Wi-Fi. Code can be found in the welcome book in the dining room. 

Please note that our property has a limit on the broadband usage. If you are likely to want to use the broadband quite a bit for downloading large files, such as music, TV programmes, games or films, then you should check before you book as to what the limit on the broadband usage is. Please note that exceeding the limit may incur extra charges.   

In addition, connectivity can occasionally be unreliable so you may experience times when there is either no signal or only a weak one. 

Inviting friends 

The property is for the use of your party only and numbers in the property may not exceed those stated in the property details at any time. So, for instance, it is not acceptable to have friends who are staying on a campsite nearby visiting every day to use the facilities at the property nor for anyone to stay overnight. Of course, you can have friends to visit for a cup of tea but anything more than this should be checked with us first. 

Mobile phone reception 

Mobile phone reception in Cornwall can be patchy. If you need to know whether mobile phone reception is good where you are going do check with your provider but you should be aware that, even where it is supposed to be good, it can vary from day to day depending on such things as the weather and whether you are standing inside a stone cottage! You can check on coverage on these websites: 

1. Orange/EE

1. Vodafone 

1. O2 

1. Three Mobile

Old properties 

Please be aware that, due to the maritime climate we enjoy in Cornwall, a few properties - especially old or stone buildings - may suffer from a little damp or condensation (obviously exacerbated during wet or humid weather) despite our best efforts. These problems can usually be sorted by ventilation and/or heating. Also, older properties and those in the countryside will naturally attract spiders, ants, flies and other such harmless insects which the owner's housekeeper deals with on changeover day but which may re-appear during your stay. If they are a problem to you just pick up the telephone and speak to us. 


 We are pleased to accept your well-behaved dog and we know how important bringing their dog on holiday is to some people. There are some simple common-sense rules which apply to your dog on their holidays: Where a dog is welcomed, please note that there are specific booking conditions. In essence these are: 

~ Don't forget to put them on the booking form/inform us if you are intending to bring them. 
~ Dogs must be kept under control, exercised off the premises and never left alone in the property. 
~ Dogs must be kept off the furniture and not allowed upstairs into bedrooms.  
~ Dogs must not mess in the garden; all "accidents" must be cleaned up. 
~ Dogs must be up to date with flea and worm treatment. 
~ You must clear any pet hair from floors and furniture. 

~ You must provide your own pet bed, blankets and towels 

~ We do not accept any pets other than a well-behaved dog 

You may also find that specific rules may apply (e.g. to be excluded from certain areas). You should be aware that we are unable to categorically guarantee that there has never been a pet at a particular property or in the grounds. Neither can we say for certain that a property described as having an enclosed garden is necessarily pet-proof (nor, for that matter, child-proof!). When you are deciding whether to bring your dog on holiday you should be aware that dogs are banned from some beaches in the summer. Please read the limitations on pets at the respective beach. Par beach allows pets all year long. 


Problems and difficulties should always be reported in the first instance to us. Please don't suffer in silence; nobody will be able to help you unless you tell them straightaway. We will be pleased to put things right for you at once 

Before you leave

· Please return the key to the key safe

· Please lock all doors and close all windows

· Log out on TV’s from Netflix etc to avoid future guests from inadvertently using your accounts

· Please leave the used bedding in its own bedroom on the bed and any towels/bath mats in the bathroom (see other notes on Laundry)

· There is no need to recycle as our waste collection service does this at their own site. Please dispose of any perishable foods and remove rubbish from the property using black bin liners only and place in the black outdoor bins provided. The bins can be found to the left-hand side of the front garden as you face the property. Please note the wheelie bins behind the gate belong to our neighbour so please do not use these.